When is Time More Important Than Money? – During Data Recovery

We have all heard the phrase “time is money”. But, when is time more important than money? The answer is during recovery of your data after some catastrophic event.

IBM Tivoli Storage Management (TSM) has been reducing recovery time, without compromising backup time, from its inception; and continues through its most recent product releases.Data Recovery

In comparison, traditional backup methodologies attempt to conserve backup time by using periodic full backups combined with more frequent incremental or differential backups. This approach makes restores more complex and time consuming as users must first  restore the most recent full backup, then restore subsequent incremental backups to recover to the current point in time. TSM’s progressive incremental backup technology makes one initial full backup, but all subsequent backups are incremental. When combined with TSM’s advanced data management techniques, this enables fast full restores without the complexity of managing multiple backup sets. Users get the speed and recoverability benefits of a daily full backup in addition to the reduced network traffic and data storage requirements of incremental backups.

With version 6.1, server-side data deduplication took this methodology one step further with deduplication technology. Then with version 6.2, IBM added client-side data deduplication which executes deduplication on data before it is sent to the TSM server, reducing backup traffic across the wire. Introduced in version 6.3 was Deduplicated DR replication, The result was further optimized data reduction and backup/replication bandwidth across the enterprise.

Restore time has become even more important, now, as the complexities of cloud, social and mobile technologies have increased the amounts of data, commonly referred to as “Big Data”. Big Data is causing the SMBs to be looking for more than just new products to keep them competitive and sustainable. The SMB Group’s 2013 Top 10 SMB Technology Market Predictions shows that about 52% of SMBs are using cloud solutions in their businesses. The value proposition for cloud computing—reduced capital costs, speed to deploy, and real-time collaboration and visibility—are become more compelling. In addition, SMBs are looking for expertise. The SMB is finding it all in data backup and disaster recovery managed service providers (BDR MSP) . A specialized MSP assists in the complexity of this new business challenge of high volume data. A BDR MSP with proven experience using TSM is a sound combination.

At Salvus, we specialize in large scale data backup/recovery and disaster recovery planning using IBM’s TSM. Give us a call. We love to share our years of experience to help you with your newest Data Backup and Disaster Recovery challenges in this new world of Big Data.

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