Resilient Data Must Stand Up to More Than Just a Catastrophic Event

To say that data is resilient is more than just saying the data can be recovered after a catastrophic event. Resilience must also take into considerations processes that are ongoing and may be taking a toll on the data’s stability over a period of time. This is especially true of Big Data. Data that is a combination of internal business processes data and data from outside sources, such as Social Media.

resilient dataData should be treated as we treat our own bodies. We exercise and eat well to have a backup of energy and muscle to take over when our body might tell us that some repetitive motion, or lack of motion, has caused harm.

Just as our bodies, data can be slowly eroding in its quality due to an incorrect assumption by a systems analyst or an unknown error in applications code. But, in the case of data, where is the reserve? The answer is in the data backup. Resilience exists only if you have the ability to go back to a time before the errant processes began to erode the value of the data and then selectively recover.

There was no event that occurred, or, disaster that rung bells and stopped applications. There was only a slow erosion of data quality that now needs to be reversed so that the data provides value into the future.

These are the scenarios that professional data backup and recovery specialists consider.  These nuances cannot be overlooked and ignored. As we have stated in an earlier blog  ENTERPRISE DATA BACKUP IS MORE THAN JUST BEING ABLE TO GET THE DATA BACK, there are real life situations that require the ability to “look back in time”. To be able to just restore data from last night’s backup is not sufficient.

Salvus Data Consultants assist companies in evaluating your data backup and recovery processes to ensure that all scenarios are considered to ensure your data is resilient, not just backed up. Then Salvus can manage your entire backup and recovery processes remotely without your data ever leaving your control.

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