Enterprises are moving to the Cloud in Progressive Steps

Large enterprise are taking steps toward a total cloud data center.

In the post on GIGAOM’s survey results Survey: What the Enterprise Cloud Needs to Become Business-Critical, they state “Many organizations are now progressing beyond these workloads, putting cloud computing to work in support of business-critical applications and workloads.” The post goes on to say “Sixty-six percent of respondents consider one or more Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications to be business-critical today, and a significant number also support critical workloads with public Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) compute and storage offerings.”Complex data

However, adoption of a total cloud environment may continue to be impacted with concerns over security, meeting regulations, network bandwidth, and transition costs.

In response to these issues, an enterprise will first implement non-critical applications. As that goes well, the company will gradually begin to implement mission critical applications until the entire data center is a cloud implementation. Cloud applications will interact with in-house applications for a period of time as all issues of concern are worked out or accepted.

Data backup and recovery can follow a similar progression. The data can alternatively remain within the customer’s network and backed up off site to the customer’s choice backup location. The data backup and recovery processes can be managed in the cloud. The data may or may not be in the cloud with the model of remote data backup administration. When the term “cloud” is mentioned, we visualize an “all or nothing” scenario. We think that the data must be replicated to its backup site. We also imagine that the management of the DR processes and the data together must be in the cloud. But, alternative models are possible.

There are Data Backup/Recovery Managed Service Providers that provide remote management of the Backup process, along with professional Disaster Backup and Recovery consultation. To further discuss the subject of cloud data backup and recovery management, contact Salvus Data Consultants at 903-201-7233

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