Why is the SMB relying more on Big Data?

Big Data is becoming more critical to the SMB.

Data backup and recoveryWhy is the SMB relying on Big Data that was once only important to the large enterprise? The SMB simply recognized the need to analyze factors that affect their ability to remain competitive in a global market. These factors that affect the SMB business are concealed within the depths of structured and unstructured data.

To remain competitive, the SMB must understand sentiment, cyclical headwinds and other related influences. These non-traditional factors are contained in unstructured data from Social Media and News sources. As XO states about unstructured data: A massive surge in unstructured data creates tough challenges for IT. Businesses need more intelligent network infrastructure to support their Big Data plans.

Structured data that would describe the typical customers and sales data in the CRM and ERP applications would be challenging enough. In the Post “Big Data” Means More than Just Lots of Data, a white paper from Mint Jutras suggests that “businesses of all sizes need to be concerned about Big Data.”

More SMBs are understanding that they need to analyze structured and unstructured data as a single source. That is Big Data.

With the importance of high volume and velocity data increasing, data backup and the ability to quickly recover data after a disaster is critical. Let us know how these trends have affected your business. If you have questions about strategy, call us at 903-201-7233 or email us at info@salvusdata.com


Explore the Advantages IT Departments Gain From the Reshoring Trend

There is a growing trend of companies opening U.S.-based facilities to perform the work once done in foreign countries. The term used to describe a company moving services from a foreign country to the United States is “reshoring”; or “insourcing” if they never had a U.S facility before. IT departments of U.S. companies are actively watching this trend. America Reshoring IT Services

Before we can explore the advantages to the U.S IT market from this trend, let’s first look at why the companies that were once offshore are now moving their services to the U.S.

According to the Insights Report from Cassidy Turley there are several reasons for the trend of foreign companies opening U.S.-based facilities

  • Limited visas..
  • Excessive travel costs…
  • High shipping costs for finished products…
  • Proximity to prospective new clients…
  • Higher worker productivity…
  • Political considerations…
  • Labor unions…

When looking at the reason an IT department of a U.S. company would embrace this trend, three of the reasons from above are common advantages to both the provider and the customer.  Continue reading