Salvus Data Consultants Provides Tivoli Storage Manager Through a Managed Service

Salvus Data uses IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) to help you meet your disaster recovery and regulatory requirements. Salvus Data performs all data backup and recovery management functions remotely as a Managed Service (MSP). This allow the experts in Data Backup at Salvus Data to be on your team, freeing up your IT staff to focus on their mission-critical activities.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

As we stated in a previous blog post called Considerations In The Analysis of a Data Backup and Recovery Process“The design of the Data Backup process has multiple dimensions. These multiple dimensions must all be considered when designing the process, handling of exceptions and the physical network to support the backup and restore process. ”

To effectively accommodate these multiple dimensions, Salvus Data uses Tivoli Storage Manager because of its;

  • Backup and recovery management – A single administrator interface allows configuration, monitoring, reporting and backup/recovery execution across the entire complex IT environment.
  • Hierarchical storage management – Enables policy-based management of file backup and archiving, with automatic migration of data between tiers of storage. This feature reduces storage media requirements and administrative costs associated with managing data.
  • Scalability – Manage as many as four billion data objects in a single Tivoli Storage Manager server.
  • Advanced data reduction – Combines progressive incremental backup, source and target data deduplication, compression and tape management. This advanced technology cuts data storage costs, decreases environmental requirements and simplifies administration.

Salvus Data Consultants is a proven leader in TSM Managed Services. They assist your business in controlling costs and eliminate inefficiencies by aligning business unit priorities with IT capabilities, helping your business achieve the objectives that are essential for your growth.

Salvus Data Consultants centrally monitors and manages your backup environments more cost-effectively and with increased service levels. Contact them to better understand the advantage of having your Data Backup and Recovery plans managed remotely by a leading TSM integrator offering a range of backup solutions and services. Call 903-201-7233