Can the Data Remain Within the Customer’s Control While Data Backup and Recovery is Moved to the Cloud?

Nine out of ten global CEOs view the cloud as critical to their business plans according to IBM.

Junior technician learning Data backupIt is no surprise that IBM Pulse 2014 is shaping up to be another very successful conference. Pulse is IBM’s premier cloud conference. It is being held in Las Vegas on February 23rd through the 26th.

The conference will be covering the power of cloud computing. Included in this discussion are Managed Service Providers (MSP), from cloud and storage to traditional data center, managed network services, and mobile device management. Eighty-five percent of new software this year will be built for cloud delivery.

When the term “cloud” is mentioned, most of us visualize a specific service  that we are familiar. We also visualize that service to be all-inclusive. An example would be data backup and recovery where all the data and the processes are expected to be deployed in the cloud. But, this is not the only model that is possible. A hybrid model may be the preferred in certain cases.

In the case of data backup and recovery, for instance, the data can remain within the customer’s network and deployed off site at the customer’s choice location, while the processes are managed in the cloud. The benefit gained by deploying the data backup processes in the cloud is having the management of the data backup and recovery performed and scheduled remotely by data consultants that specialize in this field. An additional benefit is to remove the burden from the already stretched IT staff.

As we have discussed in previous posts, the alternative of moving the process of data backup and recovery to the cloud is all too often to pick the most junior IT professional on staff and assign that person the task of data backup processes. Picking a junior person for this task  ‘ticks the box’ for upper management and all is well. That is until disaster strikes and that data needs to be recovered. This is to say nothing of the daily and weekly inefficiencies that can be caused by data backup processes developed by an inexperienced individual.

There are Data Backup/Recovery Managed Service Providers (DB/R MSP) that provide remote management of the Backup process, along with professional Disaster Backup and Recovery consultation. Contracting a DB/R MSP with the model of remote DB/R management allows the SMB to maintain their data locally without the need to hire new staff or train existing staff in sophisticated data backup and recovery processes.

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