The Trends Causing the reevaluation of Data Protection Solutions

Customers using Data Backup and Recovery Solutions are reevaluating their present backup and recovery strategies. This is being motivated due to the increase in data complexity because of data variety, velocity and volume. The old IT process of delegating the data backup and recovery responsibilities to ‘the new guy’ are coming to an end. It is too important to treat Data Protection with anything less than a mission-critical effort.

Complex data This IDC study examines the worldwide data protection and recovery software market for the period from 2012 to 2017.

The abstract reads:

“The worldwide data protection and recovery software market in 2012 experienced continued growth as a result of a broad-based economic recovery. In addition, the worldwide data protection and recovery software market posted significant gains because of the greater adoption of storage optimization technologies such as data deduplication and the growth of customers needing to extend their protection schema to their rapidly growing virtualized protection environments,” said Robert Amatruda, research director for Data Protection and Recovery at IDC. “However, we have discovered incumbent vendors are vulnerable when customers reevaluate their data protection solutions, especially when customers are experiencing pain points associated with unabated data growth, the inability to meet aggressive SLAs, and a growing need to protect virtual machines (VMs).”

There is another market trend that is in play during this reevaluation of data protection strategies. That is the increased interest in employing a cloud provider for these services in the form of a managed service provider (MSP). The IT staff is overloaded with other duties and does not generally have the in depth training now needed to meet the challenge of protecting Big Data. Hpwever, reluctance to embrace a cloud solution can occur when the realization that the data may need to be relinquished to the cloud. However, this is not necessarily true.

A customer can choose to have the management of the data backup and restore processes provided by an MSP without moving the live data from the customer’s network. The management of the processes can be managed remotely by a data backup and recovery MSP while the live data remains within the customer’s environment. Salvus Data Consultants provide this model. The result is experienced Data B/R consultants are planning and managing this very critical function while freeing up the IT staff to concentrate on their areas of expertise.

As companies continue to require comprehensive data analytics using Big Data to remain competitive, then the need for sophisticated data backup and recovery processes will continue to increase in importance.

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