A Two Part Answer to the Challenge of Increased Data Complexity

Data integrity in an enterprise must be maintained. However, the small and medium size enterprise needs to address two areas of increased complexity;  the increased complexity of data and the increasing complexities of IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager to meet the requirements of complex data types and sources. These complexities stretch the ability of the IT staff  to handle even the minimum service levels of Data Backup and Recovery.Gear

Data a complexities are coming from the necessity for the SMB to understand sentiment, cyclical headwinds and other related influences. These non-traditional factors are contained in unstructured data from Social Media and News sources.

Tivoli addresses complex data, or otherwise termed as Big Data. The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager family enables outstanding efficiency, simplicity and scalability for virtual, physical and cloud backup environments of all sizes. TSM reduces backup and recovery infrastructure costs by up to 38% and protects up to ten times more user data per day per backup server.

The SMB generally has limited budget and Data Backup know-how. The question becomes where does the small and medium size business turn to develop and execute a sound data backup and recovery strategy – a strategy that will not reduce the company’s ability to compete, but, will increase its viability and sustainability.

The SMB needing to ensure data integrity across the enterprise should utilize Tivoli along with AAA accredited support personnel.

A Data backup and recovery Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an excellent solution to the new challenges of Big Data. An MSP can remotely executes the SMB’s business critical backup strategy. Salvus Data, a data backup and recovery MSP, centrally monitor and manage your backup environments more cost-effectively and with increased service levels. Salvus does this while the SMB’s data remains within the network walls of the SMB. This improves backup success rates and data recovery, as well as, dramatically reducing the cost of running TSM. Contact a Tivoli AAA certified MSP; Salvus Data Consultants



6 thoughts on “A Two Part Answer to the Challenge of Increased Data Complexity

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