Big Data Growth Drives Backup Requirements

Managing Big Data is a matter of cutting Macro data into Micro data slices. The large amounts of unstructured data need to be reduced to a view depicting each customer and prospect. When this occurs, the data is transformed into valuable market information that can help drive profits through targeted campaigns and company initiatives.
Evaluating data

Truaxis Insights states that organizations with successful implementation of advanced analytics see 33% more revenue growth and 12X more profit growth.

When looking at the retail industry some obstacles standing in front of full implementation have been that 80% of a retailer company’s data is unstructured according to Truaxis. Unstructured data is difficult to manage and interpret. Over half of the retailers are flooded with more data than they can handle.

While managing and analyzing the data is a challenge, ensuring the integrity of the data is also a factor that cannot be ignored. This data is mission-critical.

A Big Data implementation presents a need for even more focus on the ability to recover from a catastrophic event quickly. However, the IT staff is not often staffed or tooled to design and execute a backup strategy of this level of complexity.  The other consideration is that data backup and recovery can be managed remotely without having the live data be transferred to or running in a cloud environment.

There are Data Backup/Recovery Managed Service Providers (DB/R MSP) that provide remote management of the Backup process, along with professional Disaster Backup and Recovery consultation. A company should look to a service provider that specializes in complex backup strategies while leaving the IT staff time to manage the daily tactical and long-term strategic activities.

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