Black Swan Events are Considerations for Data Back Up Strategies

Data Backup and Recovery is critical to protecting against the Black Swan Effect.

The “Theory of Black Swan Events” is a metaphor that encapsulates the concept that the event is a major issue and a surprise. Understanding the cause of the catastrophic event is

Black Swan Event

Black Swan Event

generally only possible through hindsight. While it doesn’t happen everyday, it does happen. And when it does – you better be ready!

Black Swan is an event with the following three attributes:

  • First, it is an outlier, as it lies outside the realm of regular expectations, because nothing in the past can convincingly point to its possibility.
  • Second, it carries an extreme impact.
  • Third, in spite of its outlier status, human nature makes us concoct explanations for its occurrence after the fact, making it explainable and predictable.

An example would be Data Corruption existing in a server backup. Yes, there are constant occurrences of data corruption coming in daily from server backups where the data is virtually impossible to restore. Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is an advanced utility that can be set up to remedy these common situations on the fly. However, this is only possible if TSM is configured correctly. Your Data backup and Recovery processes should be developed by professionals that understand the nuances of this complex discipline.

Let professionals take over from here, while you concentrate on your core business. You don’t need a Black Swan in your data center. Fort more information on Black Swan Events, contact Salvus Data Consultants.


Big Data Growth Drives Backup Requirements

Managing Big Data is a matter of cutting Macro data into Micro data slices. The large amounts of unstructured data need to be reduced to a view depicting each customer and prospect. When this occurs, the data is transformed into valuable market information that can help drive profits through targeted campaigns and company initiatives.
Evaluating data

Truaxis Insights states that organizations with successful implementation of advanced analytics see 33% more revenue growth and 12X more profit growth.

When looking at the retail industry some obstacles standing in front of full implementation have been that 80% of a retailer company’s data is unstructured according to Truaxis. Unstructured data is difficult to manage and interpret. Over half of the retailers are flooded with more data than they can handle.

While managing and analyzing the data is a challenge, ensuring the integrity of the data is also a factor that cannot be ignored. This data is mission-critical.

A Big Data implementation presents a need for even more focus on the ability to recover from a catastrophic event quickly. However, the IT staff is not often staffed or tooled to design and execute a backup strategy of this level of complexity.  The other consideration is that data backup and recovery can be managed remotely without having the live data be transferred to or running in a cloud environment.

There are Data Backup/Recovery Managed Service Providers (DB/R MSP) that provide remote management of the Backup process, along with professional Disaster Backup and Recovery consultation. A company should look to a service provider that specializes in complex backup strategies while leaving the IT staff time to manage the daily tactical and long-term strategic activities.

Data Backup and Recovery is Critical and Specialized

Data backup and recovery is a learned discipline. Excessive time can be taken away from the main focus of the IT department in learning this discipline. Or, short cuts may be taken that cause severe issues when recovery is necessary.Data recovery 350

IT staffs are overloaded with mission critical day-today activities. It is understandable that Data Backup may be assigned to the newest member of the team and not deeply analyzed. However, it will become the most critical task the IT staff will undertake when that data needs to be recovered.

Salvus Data ConsultantsAn offsite data backup process performed by an experienced managed service provider (MSP) offers efficiencies in the backup process and effective recovery of lost, deleted or corrupted data. Time can be freed up to focus on core business instead of spending hours developing plans and then repetitive functions on a daily and weekly basis.

Salvus is an MSP that specializes in IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manger (TSM) backup environments, providing both tactical and strategic backup solutions. The benefits are:

  • Permits you to focus on your core business, while they address your immediate performance issues on your TSM server and clients.
  • A proactive approach to your backup and recovery:
    1. Fixing it (tactical repairs)
    2. Monitoring your backup solution (discovery).
    3. Tuning the backup environment (proactive)
    4. Planning your long-term backup solution (strategic).
  • Salvus maintains your system and keeps it updated within IBM’s support matrix.
  • Salvus designs and deploys your future state TSM architecture base on collected metrics and service agreements established in your environment.

Contact Salvus Data to explore the benefits that an experience data backup and recovery MSP can provide your business.